About us

March 30, 2016

Gollagul Trading PLC


In 1993 Gollagul trading Enterprise was established and later on changed its name to Golagul Trading P.L.C by its partners in 2004. The Company imports different types of steel that are beneficial for the construction sector as inputs and distributes it to end users. As it is well known, due to shortage of infrastructure, the demand for construction inputs is increasing from time to time and the public sector is unable to fill the demand supply gap. So, relying on the situation, it consolidated its resources and took part in supplying construction materials and thereby fill the gap of demand and supply. Not limited by this, the company having taken into account the country’s potential resource in the service and Tourism sector; it is constructing a Five Star Hotel in Bole sub-city. Besides that; taking into consideration the shortage of residential quarters in Addis Ababa, it allocated an investment and is preparing to start the project to alleviate the problem.


Penetrating the local market, the company imports qualitative and standardized Reinforcing bars, Hollow sections, Galvanized pipes, Angle Iron etc and distributes it to the society at large that resulted in good reputation of the company. Gollagul Trading P.L.C has two sales out-let, its own office building and storage facilities in various parts of Addis Ababa sub-city.Since its establishment, Gollagul Trading P.L.C has aimed at working towards the development endeavor of the country by Supply inputs for the construction sector.Investing and engaging in the Hotel and Tourism sector. Participating in manufacturing sector in its full capacity and there by contribute to the economic development of the country and create job opportunities to citizens.